Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

November 11th, 2019 by

Winter Tires vs All-Season Tires

You may be aware of the recommendation to install winter or snow tires on your vehicle before cold weather arrives. However, you may not know the reasoning behind this recommendation. This is one of the most critical steps that you can take to promote your safety on the road this winter, and a closer look at what winter tires are and how they work tells you what you need to know.

The Important Differences Between Winter and All-Season Tires

Comparatively, winter or snow tires are usually made out of a softer rubber. This softer material enables the tires’ tread to smoosh the snow more easily. As it does, it compacts and disperses the snow for improved traction. The more elastic rubber material usually has substantially more tread than all-season tires. Unique tread patterns may be used, including sawtooth sipes and micro pump holes. The sawtooth pattern slices through snow more easily than straight sipes can. The micropump holes suction water upward and then spit it out behind the vehicle. With this in mind, winter tires are preferred when you are driving on snow and ice.

When to Install Winter Tires

As beneficial as snow or winter tires are, they should not remain on your vehicle year-round. Instead, you should install them as soon as frigid temperatures are in the forecast, and you should keep them in place until the last freeze of the year has passed. Winter tires are more expensive, so you understandably want to maximize their life. When you trade them out with more affordable all-season tires when their features are not needed, you can keep the cost of auto maintenance as low as possible while also promoting your safety on the road.

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