Why Buy Pre-Owned vs Leasing

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Why Buy Pre-Owned vs Leasing

New cars have gotten more and more expensive over the years, and it’s tough these days to find anything other than a base-level compact car for less than $20,000. That can lead to some hefty monthly payments. If you can’t afford a new car payment, your options are to lease or buy a pre-owned vehicle. There are some definite advantages to buying a pre-owned car rather than leasing a new one.


Possibly the biggest advantage of buying a pre-owned automobile instead of leasing one is that at some point you will own the car. Once you finish paying off the loan, the car is yours. If you lease, once the lease is up, you either have to buy the car for a predetermined value or lease or buy another car.

At Holman GO, we know car buying should be easy. If you’re thinking about buying your next car, we can help you value your trade and figure out how much car you can afford. Our goal is to meet all of our customers’ needs, so we’re even able to offer you an auto insurance quote!


To get low lease rates, you usually have to take a car that is light on options. On the other hand, when you buy a pre-owned car, you can shop around to find the vehicle that has the options you want in the price range you are looking for. At Holman GO, we’ve got a great selection of pre-owned vehicles, and all of our vehicles are free from recalls and have a clean CARFAX! Additionally, our Product Specialists are non-commissioned, so we’re truly here to help you find the right vehicle for your needs.

No Restrictions

When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, there are no restrictions on its use. You don’t have to worry about how many miles you drive or whether you have sustained any minor damage. That’s a big advantage over a lease, which will restrict how many miles you can drive and also may levy penalties if there is damage or excessive wear to the vehicle.

Down Payment

Many leases require you to pay several thousand dollars up front to get the advertised monthly lease payment, and there may be other fees such as a security deposit. If you buy pre-owned and have good credit, you likely will be able to get a loan for the full amount of the purchase with less money down, and your down payment will be applied to the cost of owning the vehicle. At Holman GO, we even offer in-house financing through our lending partner, Steward Financial, for your convenience.

If you are thinking about buying a pre-owned vehicle, be sure to call or visit Holman GO to learn more about the benefits. With our Express Car Buying Option, you’re in control of the car buying process. You can do as much or as little as you want from the comfort of your home, and we’ll handle the rest.

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