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2016 Honda Accord

A used car purchased from Holman GO is an exceptional opportunity to not only drive away feeling that you’re treated fairly but also because our used cars are meticulously chosen to meet your expectations. Our dealership continues to add popular brands and quality vehicles that could allow you to get the deal you desire. We welcome you to take an opportunity to conduct your search using an inventory that brings in quality used cars on a daily basis.

Benefits of Buying Used Cars

The primary benefit of buying a used car is that you can get a lower purchase price than a new car. In most cases, the monthly payment is significantly lower than the monthly payment of a new car. A lower payment allows you to meet your household budget, as well as extend your buying power even further. A lower monthly payment actually provides an opportunity for a person to purchase two vehicles for their household, as opposed to one brand new car. Because the price varies based on the year, make and model, a used car gives a potential buyer an opportunity to choose from a wide range of available selections.

A used car can be very beneficial for getting a lower insurance rate. Although a drivers’ history is a major factor in underwriting an insurance policy, the replacement value of a car plays an important role in the underwriting process. Lower insurance rates mean less out of pocket expenses, which can be used as a savings or applied to your budget for a larger monthly car payment. Of course, if you’ve been a victim of your own circumstances due to driving habits and your insurance rate has become too high, a used car is a way to reduce those high rates with a less expensive car.

Buying a used car is a smart investment. When you purchase a new car, there is immediate depreciation after you accept delivery. The depreciation of a new car can be as much as 20 percent in value. However, with a used car, the depreciation has already occurred. That is a significant benefit!

Quality Used Cars

Often times, it makes more sense to purchase a late model used car than a new car. That is because the quality of used cars can be just as good. We recondition our used cars to meet a high standard for potential car buyers. Every car is inspected prior to being added to our inventory. The cars are well-maintained until sold, which includes keeping them clean and performing regular maintenance. Because cars are made more durable nowadays, it’s much easier to find a quality used car than in previous decades. In recent years, auto manufacturers also have been focusing on features that provide car owners with greater conveniences, as well as greater safety. A car that has been very well-kept and has the type of features that are in demand is an ideal choice for adding to our used car inventory and that is the type of car we look for!

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