Ultimate Buying Guide for Used Cars

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Ultimate Buying Guide for Used Cars

A used car can be a great investment. The vehicles on our lot are free from recalls and come with a clean CARFAX, so you already know that you’re getting a quality sedan, SUV, truck or minivan. The purchase price is agreeable, and financing for a used car purchase is relatively easy in terms of obtaining credit. Our dealership is stocked with all makes and models, most of which are less than seven years old. You’ll have plenty of choices, but before you decide on a particular model and trim, remember to do your homework.

Our job is to get you into the car you want, and to help you decide which model is right for you, we offer the following five-step procedure.

Determine Your Budget

You’re either going to pay cash for your used car purchase, or you are going to finance your new car via an auto loan. Either way, you must decide how much you can actually afford to part with on the day of the sale. The last thing you want to do is spend all that you have in your bank account. If you do this, your purchase suddenly becomes anything but a good investment. Remember also that you need to set aside some money for taxes applied to the purchase price, registration, insurance, and the like. If you plan on taking out a loan, you can figure out your monthly payment from the comfort of your couch when you use our Express Buy Calculator. You can play around with the calculator and change the loan terms and the down payment. You control the process! You can also apply for financing in advance so that you get a good idea of which interest rate bracket you’ll be in.

Find a Car

Our used car lot is like a treasure vault, and our vehicles are all free from recalls and come with a clean CARFAX. We have sedans, coupes, muscle cars, sport models, crossovers, and pickups. Think about the style first, and then choose a size. Do you really need a three-row crossover, or will a five-seater do? Check out the specs on the models you’re interested in. Look over the safety features, the fuel efficiency, and the rate of depreciation. You can get most or all of this information from Kelley Blue Book or a similar vehicle appraisal site. Think about the high-tech features you want. Make sure that the trim you’re interested in contains these features.

Inspecting the Car

Never buy a car without inspecting it first. Regardless of the information on the model and trim you already possess, come into our dealership to inspect the model you’ve found on our online site or advertising pages. You want to inspect the vehicle for cleanliness, any body damage, and for corrosion. Don’t forget to ask for a CarFax or similar report.

Take A Test Drive

We encourage you to take a test drive, so you can be sure you’re getting the vehicle you want. Pay attention to the handling, steering response, acceleration, and road noise. Play with the controls, especially the driver display and stereo system to see how easy they are to navigate and use. Of course, do this while you’re pulled over to the curb, not while you have the car in traffic!

Explore Financing

Our dealership offers in-house financing through our lending partner, Steward Financial. Compare what we offer with the financing investigation you did prior to choosing an actual make and model. While at the dealership, we can even provide you with an auto insurance quote! At this point, you’ll know just how much you’ll be spending today, next month, and over the next several years.

We invite you to come to our dealership and inspect our inventory of high-quality, late-model cars and trucks. Our experienced sales professionals are knowledgeable about the vehicles on our lot, and they’ll be happy to assist you with your concerns about value, depreciation, features included on a specific vehicle, and financing options. Our car-buying process is hassle-free because our Product Specialists don’t work on commission, and remember, with our Express Car Buying option, you control the process. You can do as little or as much as you want from the comfort of your own home, and we’ll handle the rest.

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