Top Car Features for Winter Weather

November 13th, 2019 by

Top Car Features for Winter Weather

Winters can be long and frigid, and you may spend a significant amount of time in your vehicle throughout the cold-weather season. While your car’s heater will undoubtedly provide essential warmth, today’s vehicles may have a few additional features that can make your time on the road safer and more comfortable. If you are preparing to upgrade to a new car, these are some of the features to look for.

All-Wheel Drive

An all-wheel-drive drivetrain can help you navigate over snowy or icy roads. With this type of vehicle, the drivetrain provides torque to all of the wheels at the same time. You can generally enjoy the improved performance when you pair all-wheel drive vehicles with snow tires during the winter season.

Remote Engine Start

When the temperature plummets, giving your engine time to warm up before you shift it into gear and head down the road is essential. If you hate trudging through snow and ice to reach your car and to turn it on, a remote engine start is a beautiful feature to have. You can turn the engine on from inside your home, and you may enjoy a warm car that is ready to drive as soon as you reach it.

Heated Seats & Heated Steering Wheel

If your vehicle does not have heated seats and a heated steering wheel, you may be unnecessarily uncomfortable as you drive through town each day throughout the winter. The chill of a freezing car seat and a cold steering wheel can cause extreme discomfort even after your heater begins pumping warm air into the cabin. These features eliminate the chill so that you can focus on the road.

You can see that these essential features can improve your driving experience throughout the winter. When you stop by Holman GO for a look at our current models, our sales reps can help you to locate a vehicle that has these features, and that meets all of your other needs.

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