The Top 5 Signs of Engine Trouble

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Top 5 Engine Trouble Signs

The best time to schedule engine repairs is at the first sign of trouble. In many situations, continuing to drive your car when the engine is stressed or damaged can result in more significant damage with more expensive repairs required. Are you wondering if you need to schedule a diagnostic and repair service with Holman GO’s technicians? These are some of the leading indicators that your engine concerns require a closer look.

1. Engine Warning Lights

When you initially start your engine, you may notice that most of the indicator lights in the instrumentation panel light up. These lights should dim within a few seconds. If they remain on, this is a sign that your vehicle’s computer system has detected an issue that requires attention.

2. Smoke

If you notice blue or white smoke coming from under the hood or from the exhaust pipe, immediate attention is required. Blue smoke indicates that your engine may have an internal oil leak and that both oil and fuel are burning together. White smoke is usually associated with damage to your car’s cooling system, and this is a sign that your vehicle may be overheating.

3. An Unusual Smell

If you have a sensitive nose, you may immediately notice foul smells that should not be coming from your vehicle. In some cases, these smells come from nearby cars, and those odors will disappear soon after you have distanced yourself from the other vehicle. When smells linger, they require attention. Some of the many scents that you may notice are gasoline, burning rubber, exhaust, and more.

4. Strange Sounds

If you enjoy blaring the radio while you are driving down the road, you may not notice strange sounds coming from your vehicle right away. However, as soon as you are alerted to unfamiliar sounds, you should drive to Holman GO’s service center for diagnostic service. These sounds may include screeching, squealing, clicking, grinding, and more.

5. Unusual Sensations

When you start the car, are cruising down the road, are idling at a light or are slowing down, you may notice various sensations. Because of your familiarity with how your vehicle feels typically, you may immediately tune in to unfamiliar grinding, thumping or surging. These sensations could be caused by everything from the spark plugs to the fuel filter and more.

While these are the most common signs that indicate the need for immediate attention, you may be experiencing other concerning issues. It is best to have your engine concerns checked out by a professional auto technician as soon as possible, so schedule service with Holman GO today.

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