Top 10 Newest Car Technologies

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Top 10 New Car Technologies

Each year, new features and technologies are introduced to the latest models of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. These innovations promise to change the way people travel. Decades ago, some of these features included airbags, anti-lock brakes, and navigation systems. Nowadays, the latest car technologies are largely digital.

At Holman GO, we have a wide selection of late model used vehicles with some of the newest car technologies available today.

These are some of the features that are now available in select vehicles.

1. Virtual Reality

New vehicle entertainment systems are keeping pace with in-home entertainment systems. Some recent models are now incorporating virtual reality into rear entertainment equipment. This promises to make group travel more enjoyable.

2. Automatic Emergency Braking

This feature is already available in some vehicles, and you can expect it to become more standard in new models. With auto emergency braking, your vehicle detects a potential hazard and may slow or stop your car if a likely collision is detected.

3. Mobile Apps

With select vehicles, you may have remote access to your car via your smartphone. The functionality of these apps varies by model and trim. However, you can generally expect to be able to lock and unlock doors, pop open the trunk, and even start the car remotely through your smartphone.

4. Advanced Diagnostics

Features like the “Check Engine Light” and the low air pressure indicator have been standard for several decades now, but today’s vehicles take this a step further. Rather than tell you that something is wrong, they may tell you exactly which part of the car requires attention. This may be done through the media interface or a mobile app.

5. Elevated Communication Capabilities

Bluetooth hands-free texting and calling is standard in many vehicles, and communication is reaching a new level with Car-to-X communications. This technology is available in select cars today, and it will become more prevalent going forward. With this technology, your car can directly communicate with buildings, nearby pedestrians, other vehicles, and even traffic lights.

6. Hands-Free Highway Cruise Control

When standard cruise control was introduced many years ago, it immediately improved long-distance road trips for drivers. Technology has evolved to the point where you no longer need your hands or your feet to drive a vehicle when the hands-free highway cruise control function is engaged.

7. Phone-as-Key Technology

You can use your smartphone to control the lock on your home’s front door, to pay for purchases at stores and gas stations, and to tackle other everyday needs. Your smartphone can now unlock and lock your car door based on your proximity to the vehicle.

8. Vehicle Exit Warning

When you are exiting your vehicle, you run the risk of being struck by cars, cyclists, or even pedestrians. Both you and the other party can be injured as a result. Some vehicles come with an exit warning that tells you when something or someone is approaching, and they also alert outside your car that you are about to open the door.

9. Rear Seat Occupant Warning

This unique warning feature tells you when a person or a pet is still in your backseat when you turn the vehicle off.

10. Top-Down Viewing

Rear and surround viewing are conventional in many vehicles today, and technology has advanced to include top-down viewing. With top-down display, your ability to park the car is enhanced. You may also be able to see hazards that you otherwise would have missed.

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