Tax Return

Use Your Tax Return to Buy Today!

 Max Your Tax

Tax return season is upon us, and if you’re anticipating a tax refund, you may be wondering how to best use that extra cash. A great way to invest a tax refund is to use the funds to help you buy a new vehicle. You’ll get to enjoy exciting features that come along with purchasing a newer vehicle, and you can rest easy knowing you’re driving a reliable car.

 Discover Express Car Buying

At Holman GO, we offer our customers the most convenient options for purchasing their next vehicle. When you shop our used cars using Express Car Buying, you can easily find the vehicle you’re looking for, and we are transparent when it comes to showing our best pricing upfront. You’re even able to explore your payment options online whether you’re looking to pay cash or finance your vehicle.

Additionally, you can get a firm trade-in offer that shows how much your current car is worth. If you have questions, there is an online personal concierge available to answer them. You can conveniently complete your vehicle purchase from the comfort of your own home with Express Checkout, and then, you can pick your vehicle up from the dealership or have it delivered depending on your location. Car buying has never been so quick and easy!

 Put a Down Payment Towards Buying a Used Vehicle

No matter what vehicle you decide to purchase, it’s always better to make a large down payment. The benefits of doing so include:

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Potentially Lower Interest Rates & Less Interest Paid
  • A Potentially Shorter Loan Term

In addition to the benefits listed above, a larger down payment can also help you afford a nicer, but more expensive vehicle, that you really want to purchase. These are just a few great reasons to use your tax return toward a down payment on a new vehicle.

Once you’ve found the vehicle you’re interested in, our friendly sales staff are ready to assist with a test drive of your dream car. Feel free to contact us online with any preliminary questions you may have – or go ahead and schedule your test drive.