Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?

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Should I Buy an Extended Warranty

As you prepare to buy your next car, you may be offered the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty. While new vehicles are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty, at Holman GO, we even offer coverage for our pre-owned vehicles with an available Extended Warranty. An automobile warranty can provide you with peace of mind on the road and can keep repair costs lower. Before you decide if an extended warranty is right for you, take a closer look at the benefits.

The Cost of Ownership

Regardless of the make and model that you select, all vehicles will eventually be impacted by the effects of time and wear. Repairs are an inevitable part of automobile ownership, and they directly inflate the cost of ownership. Some drivers are very concerned about the possibility of paying for potentially expensive repairs on a pre-owned vehicle. While all of the vehicles for sale at Holman GO are free from recalls and come with a clean CarFax, an extended warranty can offer peace of mind. With an extended warranty, you can enjoy the financial benefits of driving a vehicle for a longer period of time while keeping the cost of ownership as low as possible.

The Ability to Manage Your Expenses

Vehicle repairs can be financially burdensome. Regardless of whether your car needs a minor repair that costs a few hundred dollars or it requires more significant and expensive repairs, this is an unexpected expense that often requires prompt payment. With an extended warranty, you can avoid unexpected surprises when it comes to your personal budget when a covered repair occurs.

Worry-Free Ownership

Most drivers have experienced stress and concern at some point when they’ve gotten behind the wheel of their car and discovered unusual vehicle behavior. A slight rattling, thumping or grinding sound, for example, can immediately bring to mind the possibility of expensive repair costs. It may also make you think about the stress of having your car in the shop for several days or longer with uncertainty about what may be wrong with your car. An extended warranty provides you with worry-free ownership. This is because you can easily schedule a diagnostic and repair service as soon as possible without having to plan the work around your budget.

At Holman GO, our product specialists don’t work for commission, so they’ve always got your best interests at heart. We even believe you should be in control of the car buying process, so we make it easy to do as little or as much as you want from home with our digital deal builder. When you visit our dealership or contact us, we can tell you more about our extended warranty options. We want you to feel confident about your vehicle selection, and we are thrilled to answer all of your questions so that you can enjoy driving your next vehicle worry-free for years to come.

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