How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Cold Weather

September 30th, 2019 by

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Cold Weather

Winter weather conditions make driving even a short distance a challenging task. To stay as safe as possible, you can prepare your car for frigid temperatures as well as for snowy and icy roads. Before the first freeze of the year, walk through these critical steps.

Check the Antifreeze

Many drivers do not realize that their engine components can freeze, and this could impair your ability to drive the vehicle. Antifreeze can be added to your vehicle’s coolant to reduce the chance of this happening. If you need assistance adding antifreeze or determining the right combination of coolant and antifreeze to use in your car, reach out to the Holman GO team.

Focus on the Tires

The traction of your tires on the road is directly affected by the depth of the tire tread as well as the air pressure. Now is the time to check the air pressure in each tire and to make adjustments as needed. While you are doing so, inspect the tread depth on each tire. If necessary, replace the tires as soon as possible.

Change Your Oil

Engine oil is not generally labeled for specific seasonal use, but winter oil typically is slightly thinner than the oil that you would use in warm weather conditions. When you visit Holman GO for your next oil change service, request lower viscosity oil so that your engine is better able to tolerate chilly temperatures.

Switch to Winter Wiper Fluid

Typical wiper fluid will freeze as soon as you spray it onto your windshield on a frigid day. This can place you in an unsafe situation. When you are checking the tires, antifreeze, and oil, take the next step of switching out your current wiper fluid with a unique fluid formulation that is designed to tolerate below-freezing temperatures.

Place Emergency Essentials in the Trunk

Even when you take these steps to prepare your car for the winter, you may, unfortunately, find yourself stranded on the side of the road as temperatures plummet. To qualify for this possible scenario, place a box of emergency supplies in the trunk. These items may include a blanket, a disposable and charged cell phone, non-perishable snacks, bottled water, a flashlight, road flares, a first aid kit, a set of dry clothes and other essentials.

The time to prepare your vehicle for winter weather conditions is now. You can begin walking through these steps today.

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