How to Get More Money for Your Trade-In Vehicle

August 22nd, 2019 by

How to Get More Money for Your Trade-In Vehicle

Many of our customers at Holman GO request a trade-in quote from us as part of their transaction. After all, most people need to get rid of their current vehicle before they take home a new one. Trading in your car to us is a fast, convenient solution, and the proceeds from your trade can be directly applied to your new vehicle. Use these tips to maximize your trade-in value.

Maintain Low Mileage

Your vehicle’s trade-in value is determined by numerous factors, and it will not exceed the market value for similar vehicles. One of the most significant factors that affect a used car’s value is mileage. When possible, limit your driving time to maintain vehicle value. Once you decide to move forward with your next vehicle purchase, do so sooner rather than later after more miles have been tacked onto the odometer.

Take Great Care of the Vehicle

Another factor that affects vehicle value is its condition. Regular maintenance goes a long way toward keeping your car in great shape. If possible, park it in a garage overnight. You also should drive your vehicle conservatively to reduce the risk of a collision. Accidents on a vehicle’s history can drive down value. Wash your car periodically to remove elements that could impact the paint sheen, but avoid excessive car washing.

Avoid Customizations

Your vehicle’s overall appeal to the next buyer will affect its trade-in value. While there is a market for cars that are customized with bright, bold colors, special effects, and more, the market is limited. You may see a larger trade-in offer if you maintain vehicle’s appearance and only make aftermarket improvements that add actual value with broad appeal to many drivers. When in doubt, consider comparing sales prices of vehicles with and without features that you are thinking about adding to your car.

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