How Do I know if My Vehicle Has a Recall?

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How Do I Know if My Vehicle Has a Recall?

Reputable automakers do their best to produce high-quality vehicles. However, automakers may not discover faulty materials or issues with manufacturing processes until much later. When automakers learn about defects, they commonly issue a vehicle recall. However, many automotive dealers will try to hide the fact that a car on their lot has a recall, so they can more easily sell the vehicle and avoid having to discount the price. At Holman GO, we care about our customers, which is why all of our vehicles are recall-free and come with a clean CarFax! These are the leading methods that drivers rely on to learn about recalls.

Vehicle Recalls in the Media

Major vehicle recalls are often publicized for at least a few days through major news sources. You may hear about these recalls on TV news or online articles. Media sources typically publicize recalls related to safety and performance, but less significant recalls for your vehicle may not be addressed in this manner.

Mailed Vehicle Recall Notices

Automakers mail written notices to registered owners of vehicles covered by a recall. In some instances, several notices are mailed out with specific instructions about the actions that the owners should take and the urgency of the situation. However, if you purchased a pre-owned vehicle or have recently moved, you may not always receive these notices. Because of this, you may need to rely on other methods to learn about vehicle recalls.

Use the NHTSA Recall Check Tool

The website for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains an active list of recalls that you can easily access. If you have noticed signs of trouble with your vehicle, reviewing the website can tell you if this issue may be related to a known defect that is covered under a recall. You simply input your vehicle identification number to receive specific information relevant to you. You may also get in the habit of periodically reviewing the website to stay informed about recalls for each of your vehicles.

Shop Recall-Free Vehicles at Holman GO

At Holman GO, all of our vehicles are free from recalls and have a clean CarFax. If you want to be sure our vehicles are recall-free, just check the CarFax for the vehicle you’re looking at! Any manufacturer recalls will be listed here. Our product specialists are non-commissioned too, so in addition to selling high-quality pre-owned vehicles, we’re truly here to help you make the best choice for your needs. At Holman GO, we believe you should be in control of the car buying process, so we make it easy to do as little or as much as you want from home with our digital deal builder.

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