Best Cars for College Students in Princeton, NJ

September 3rd, 2019 by

Best Cars for College Students

Are you looking for a reliable, practical car for a college student? Many of today’s college students live on a tight, fixed budget. They may commute to campus, or they may live on campus and need to drive to conveniently get to work, to run errands and more. Each college student may have specific needs for their vehicle, but the best cars for college students generally share a few characteristics.

Ample Space

Some college students would love to drive a small, speedy sports car. However, this is generally not practical for most students. Many students need to haul their belongings back and forth between their parents’ home and campus several times each year, and they need a car that can hold all of their items. Very small cars may not be practical for getting groceries, meeting recreational needs, and more.

Overall Affordability

When you pick out an affordable car for a college student, you may initially be focused on the monthly payment and total sales price. However, vehicle ownership costs are also tied to maintenance and upkeep, fuel economy, and insurance cost. Consider comparing a few vehicles in each of these areas to find the most cost-effective car overall.

Reasonable Power

Traditional college students are young adults with a few years or less of driving experience. Their insurance rates are generally higher because of their lack of knowledge. More than that, they may be prone to rapid acceleration, high-speed driving, and other risky habits. You can keep insurance costs low and manage aggressive driving behaviors when you select a vehicle that has reasonable rather than excessive power.

Long-Lasting Appeal

While you need to find a reliable vehicle that will get your college student through the next four years of school or more, keep in mind that many graduates are not in a position to buy a new vehicle right out of college. They may need to get established in their career, set up a house, and pay down student loans. The car that you select should have long-lasting appeal as well as practicality for functional use after graduation.

Our sales team at Holman GO understands the importance of each of these factors as you make your vehicle selection. We will actively listen to your needs and concerns, and we can take your budget into account as we assist with your vehicle selection. Your satisfaction is our top concern, and we encourage you to visit Holman GO soon to view our current inventory.

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