Tips for the Car Appraisal Process at Holman GO

Appraisal Process

Trading in your current vehicle is an important part of your purchase experience. At Holman GO, we understand the importance of getting a fair offer, and we maintain full transparency to ensure your satisfaction throughout the appraisal process. Through our research-based approach and our desire to include the customer in the process, we make it easy for you to sell your car to us with confidence that you are receiving a fair offer.

Understanding Our Vehicle Appraisal Process

  1. What Is the Current Value of My Car?
    Many factors are analyzed when determining the fair market value of a car. These include its overall condition throughout the interior and exterior, its mileage, its maintenance history and even how many accidents it has been involved in. When you request an appraisal from Holman GO, you and your product specialist will input details about the vehicle’s condition and history into the system together. Through our use of the third-party Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer program, we can generate a quick and accurate valuation of the vehicle while including you in the process. By conducting thorough market research, we may be able to offer up to 10 percent over the Kelly Blue Book valuation.
  2. Should I Sell My Car on My Own?
    Selling your car on your own is always an option, and it may enable you to get a higher offer than what we can provide. However, there are downsides associated with selling your vehicle yourself. For example, it may take much longer to locate a qualified buyer, and there is no guarantee that the buyer will not try to haggle with you over the price. In addition, you may need to make numerous repairs or improvements to the vehicle in order to get the vehicle ready to sell, and this may eat into the profit. We’re prepared to buy your vehicle from you even if you decide not to buy from us!
  3. Will Detailing Increase the Price You Can Offer?
    Detailing and making minor improvements may be essential if you attempt to sell the vehicle yourself directly to a buyer. However, our appraisal process takes into account significant factors, such as maintenance and condition. Maintaining a higher vehicle value requires effort throughout your ownership period. It includes maintaining low mileage, scheduling regular auto maintenance and avoiding accidents when possible.
  4. Will the Offer on My Vehicle Be Higher Because of Recent Auto Services?
    Many of our customers have recently replaced tires, brakes and other features. We understand that some of these auto services can cost a small fortune. On a typical vehicle, parts replacements do not significantly impact value. We are available to provide specific details about your vehicle upon request.
  5. Can I Use My Trade-In to Negotiate My New Car’s Sales Price?
    With some auto dealerships, a lack of transparency with the appraisal process makes it difficult for buyers to understand the valuation process and to determine if they are getting a fair deal. By including our customers in the valuation process, we enable you to see the great deal you are getting on your trade-in. We provide exceptional pricing on our new models and maintain transparency with that aspect of your buying experience as well.
  6. How Do I Get an Offer on My Car?
    Our team is available to meet with you and to give you an offer through our transparent appraisal process. By bringing the vehicle, the title and the vehicle’s history to the dealership, we can work with you to generate a Kelly Blue Book valuation. When you sell the vehicle to us, we will need a few additional items and can provide you with a complete list when you reach out to us.

Trading in your car should not be confusing or stressful. We take a direct and open approach to vehicle valuation, and we are eager to sit down with you and discuss the value of your trade-in today.