4 Tactics for Dealing with Potholes

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4 Tactics for Dealing with Potholes

Potholes are found on roads throughout the local area and beyond. They are generally viewed as a nuisance because of the jarring impact that they can have on you and your passengers as you travel over them. Potholes can also cause severe damage to your vehicle if you do not deal with them strategically. Keep in mind that some potholes are filled with water and may look like a puddle on the road. When you are approaching a visible pothole or a possible pothole, your strategy should be the same.

Manage Your Speed

Some drivers maintain their speed or even accelerate over potholes because they believe that speed works in their favor as they sail across divots in the road. This is, unfortunately, not the case. The best idea is to slow down so that the jarring impact is less significant when you travel over a pothole. Your vehicle may pull to one side when your wheels pass through the pothole, so grip the wheel tightly to control your car’s direction. While you should slow down before you reach the pothole, you should let up off of the brake as you approach it. This will prevent unnecessary damage to your brakes.

Maintain a Safe Distance

You cannot anticipate how a driver in front of you will respond to potholes. Some drivers may brake dramatically, and tailgating could result in severe vehicular damage. Also, when you are following closely behind another vehicle, you may have enough time to adjust your speed accordingly. This is because the car in front of you may block your visibility of the road.

Avoid Potholes When Possible

In many cases, drivers can avoid potholes. This may be by only steering the vehicle a few inches in one direction. This is the best strategy to follow when possible. However, you should not veer sharply or place other drivers in jeopardy to avoid a pothole.

Schedule Alignment Service

Potholes can cause significant damage to your vehicle, and one of the more common areas of concern is alignment. Poor alignment may also develop if you drive too quickly over speed bumps in parking lots. If you notice that your car pulls to one direction when you are driving on a straight, level road, an alignment service may be necessary.

Holman GO wants you to have a safe driving experience, and our team also is focused on helping you to maintain your vehicle in excellent condition. If your car is showing any signs of alignment issues or if potholes have damaged it in other ways, schedule a service appointment with our Holman GO auto techs.

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